Artisan Creator-Jennifer Patafio


Jennifer Patafio

Growing up in a large Italian Brooklyn born family, nothing went to waste. As a young girl, I was lucky enough to have my grandma move in with us. Waking up to the smell of garlic was common. Grandma Jennie stood at the stove all day taking the simple fresh ingredients and creating the magic that would last a lifetime. At week’s end, usually a Saturday afternoon, Jennie would empty the fridge (as she would refer to the frigidaire) and I knew she was making Ciambortta. I would get money and run to the store for Italian Bread. Then, there was a bakery on every corner in Bensonhurst. When I would get back, the Ciambortta was created in no time. Every different bite had a unique taste. Sometimes savory and sometimes spicy. However, one thing that was for certain is that the Ciambortta was made with Love.

My own personal experience in the kitchen began after the passing of my grandma, although I worked in many positions from production to management in the food industry for 35 years, in addition to being a mixologist. I loved playing with seasonings and getting older forced me to cut down on carbs. Yet, growing up on them, I was not convinced to give them up. I took a staple dish from Italian tables to accompaniment pasta dishes and created my cast iron crumbs for every meal. In every bite, you will experience a little crunch and a lot of satisfaction with a layered burst of delicate flavors tantalizing your palate. Make this old World tradition, a staple in your kitchen.


Cast Iron Crumbs

by CiamborttaΒ 

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!Β