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Cast Iron Crumbs is the greatest accompaniment since sliced bread. These slow-roasted crumbs have been in the kitchens of Italy and now available to be a staple in your kitchen. This blend of seasoning, herbs, and extracts are not only rich and sumptuous in flavor but they are a healthier alternative. Cast Iron Crumbs are low in carbohydrates, fat, sodium, and calories.

Choose to eat healthier without giving up the satisfaction. Instead of bread with your next meal, find mouth-watering satisfaction in just a shake of The Cast Iron Crumbs without the carbs. The flavorful accompaniment is slow-roasted in small batches in a well-seasoned cast-iron pan. Made from bread at one of Brooklynโ€™s finest pannetteriaโ€™s and blended with all natural flavors from around the World. Letโ€™s bring the home-style taste from my home to your home, and make the dining experience, a truly exceptional experience.


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Bring any one of our products home to be your staple to the table. For breakfast, try our morning glory. Our Morning Glory product has a burst of subtle sweet blends that will be sure to wake you up before you have to go to work or prepare for your day.ย This is the perfect accompaniment for the most important meal of the day. On the other hand, if you’re the type of person that likes to start your day with something savory, our Everything Fakel goes a long way.

For our other four products, make that boring lunch take you to the islands with Malibu Bay or give it a kick with Sweet Hot. You will never say, “What am I going to eat again?” Give a sprinkle on one of your chicken cutlets, and they’re also good for garnishing drinks.

Where’s The Beef and Sweet Hot are the best flavors to choose from. If you like pasta, then Italian Roast is the perfect accompaniment. Cast Iron Crumbs is the perfect accompaniment for all meals. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Cast Iron Crumbs makes everything taste good. If you like sweet or spicy, our accompaniments will bring light to your meal.

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