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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October

Let’s eradicate that horrible life-threatening illness by supporting breast cancer charities. In fact, recently, we came out with our new flavor calledΒ Angela’s Flavor. This flavor is a lemon flavor with sweet tastes to it. $10.00 proceeds from this particular flavor will go to combating and eliminating breast cancer.


Make Your Meals Taste Like

Heaven In Your Mouth


The blend of sweet, savory, and spicy, when you accentuate your meals and make them taste truly delicious, you will be as happy as can be. Cast Iron Crumbs is the best thing since sliced bread and is purely home-made. When you would think of any ordinary breadcrumbs, you would think of an accompaniment that’s probably mass-produced, and does not have a rich taste to it. Unfortunately, that’s the truth with other accompaniments. However our accompaniments are different. Our accompaniments have zero preservatives and there are not any fatty substances or sugary substances in any of them. Furthermore, most accompaniments that are just ordinary breadcrumbs would accentuate one or two meals. On the other hand, our accompaniments are perfect for all 3 meals. From Everything Fakel that makes bagels taste great in the morning to Where’s the Beef that will make your juicy steak have a wow factor taste. Make all of your meals taste like heaven in your mouth with Cast Iron Crumbs. We even have Gluten-free accompaniments as well. Why go to the grocery store and spend money on cheap-quality breadcrumbs when you can spend money on more high-quality breadcrumbs that will bring out the untapped palate-pleasing, mouth-watering flavors of all of your meals.

Who made these delectable


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jennifer Patafio created these mouth-watering seasonings. Using her cooking recipes that she learned from her grandmother, she was able to be a culinary prodigy and create amazing creations that make everything taste like heaven in your mouth.

Some Of The Meals Cast Iron

Crumbs has Accentuated

Cast Iron Crumbs really knows how to make your meals taste like heaven. See our gallery and learn how the different seasonings can be applied to different meals and dishes.

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